a short procrastination

Around 6 months previously I put a post about a pamphlet “I had been working on”.

6 months.

I could still say I am working on them, although I haven’t actually made any since then. But today, for instance, I looked up the html to make a homepage for jedenham.com.

6 months. What has happened in this half a year? Well three things:

  1. I have worked on my novel
  2. I became 25, and lost the right (which I had never applied) to join all sorts of young people things.
  3. I got the domain name jedenham.com a few months ago

Work on seems to really mean not work on, it seems to mean to have worked on, will work on, but golly it’s a useful phrase. Ah, I applied for PhD funding, that was a pretty big thing.

I recall a quote from Alan Bennet saying he felt like a writer when he was writing not at any other time. I tend to feel like a writer when I am walking along thinking about what I will write when I get home, or if I had some paper and a pencil on me just right then.

But that’s ok, i’ve written loads of good stuff. Ah, but why haven’t I done anything with it? I had a conversation recently which led to a small crisis of purpose to my writing which lead to agood answer. But it’s not an answer which encourages one to do more than live and so lets think about some answers which fulfil my arogance. Write so that people know that you’re an original, so that poetry does not die in its curent bland self-indulgent quagmire.

I was supposed to be writing here about procrastination, the satisfaction of the imagined, but have only got ten minutes before the end of lunch:

Maybe I could write a “to-do” list on this blog and so keep up to date?

Label and price and document all finished pamphlets.

Establish things needed to finish started “make your own”

Look at remaining materials, decide on what could be made.

Design display box

Contact ort about open mic/ poetry night.

Contact them about poetry.

Make home page of website:

Choose four pictures

Establish layouts

Create about and contact page

Create “store” page.

Eek, what was procrastination again?

But don’t worry, I work in a school as a ta (although I assisst the kids, oddly). I have learned that the way we respond to work requires shortness and clarity and I would never ever give a kid a list like that. So  let’s break it up in to what I could do this evening:


Label and price and document all finished pamphlets.

Establish things needed to finish started “make your own”

Choose four pictures


Let’s see how I get on…


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