Procrastination again?

On Wednesday I set myself the challenge of doing three pro-active or just three, things.

Ususally writing this would seem like a distraction from what I should be doing, novel, poetry, japanese, academic stuff, procrastination. Actually there is something I should be doing right now.

Ok, finished stroking. Gonna cook some tofu and greens. Actually, I can do this at the same time. Procrastinating again from should.

Next to greens I imagine thickets of towered broccolis, each a task of its own age. To cut down does not quite fit my ethics. Although, I could turn them to tools, to more effectively deforest?

Perhaps i’m hoping to replicate humanity’s sedentary cultivation of the environment just in my to-do lists.

Back again, cooked tv watched episode of the british House of Cards.

She still talked


The general point follows something that a kid at school said to me today. She struggles to engage in lessons. She had a good day today but she still talked about how she failed what she “should” have achieved. She had a task set in the first lesson of art and felt she had failed for not finishing it in the second, despite blasting that lesson out the park. The rare pleasure of satisfaction I saw on her face that period, obviously forgot.

Any logical person would have damned the first task with the succeses of the second, but the unfinished task had kept alive over the second’s stepped over corpse.  Perhaps there is some lesson therein to not worry about shoulds but to be proud of the things completed, off an on the to-do list.

To-do list update:

I did my three things (label, establish, choose), made a new poetry pamphlet, and worked on, which you’re welcome to visit in all its hideous glory.

If you have any suggestions on layout etc. olease contact me at

the butterflies back,

I will return, I hope to this problem of procrastination, and why I struggle at all to write, or have never attempted to get my work published etc.. Fear?


Scream poem for MYO

get colleagues to write out words for MYO

Practise 2 designs for




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