Procrastination once more… ish

I’m reverting again to the word procrastination. I have until tomorrow to get to a reasonable stage where I can say “yes, wool, this is good.”

One of the issues I find with being able to do, or feeling the potential of a great many things, is that I do not then do things. Or rather,feel like it is not even the best idea to not procrastinate because I could be focusing on more interesting things.

Briefly then let me look at something which distracted me earlier, I.e. showing off my website as it is being made.


I captured this from my new tablet earlier. And, even though it looks a little rough, I think it’s pretty cool.

People around me from time to time have heard me say that I think websites are shit, and I do. Most websites are laboriously tied to a text based method of organising information. Buttons and links are small and sort of float in amongst the void. My attempt with this website is to, using basic HTML, create something which is a bit different feels a bit more intuitive and exciting.

As I progress I will hide things, but I think that I must recognise that as it stands my website is not going to be perfect by tomorrow. I’ve done a brief bio page, and will do the store as and when I can. But come back because it will change quite a lot, I’m hoping,as I get used to spending the time on it.

All the best, and can I just again thank lall of my new little followers and people viewing my page/ it gives me a bit of strength to continue.


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