I am writing this on WordPress because as of yet I have not found the opening to the type of note pad I wish to use. And thus/ let it be announced that I have one place for my images, one place for my text. For sound a place for both.

I have no fear you’re interested, nor fear your even here. For I have for 18 days, 3-4 minutes to write.

    That somwat lessens you’re argument.

Ahh, Christian spirit, I knew I would find you hear,

    I don’t give a fock about your docking Christian spirit.
The child is dead Jim.

Jim, strange, I don’t recall you ever calling me that before.

– and here I segway in, and point out that technique from An awfully big adventure, where the author, corrupts your understanding at final moments, and decides that they are dead and not as you had inferred first.

For 18 days, I will write, and from those eighteen days, I will come down to an open mic-night at ORT (www.ortcafehttp://www.ortcafe.co.uk.co.uk)  and read some poetry.

ORT is a small cafe bar food house tea drinking reading arting sort of thing, located on the edge of balsallheath by Sparkhill and Moseley in Birmingham! It would be about 7:00 on the eighteenth, please come if you can! I hope to be giving you some pamphlets and some Make Your Owns, which I will rename if anyone gives me an idea.

At the end of the time I will post again to explain this process again, but for 18 days please pay attention to my website http://www.jedenham.com and my .tumblr account. http://www.ahohmushe.tumblr.com and keep looking back here.



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