A procas nine days in nine days to go!

Returned from Liverpool Yesterday, was an excellent city. The Walker Art Gallery had this painting in for instance!

Millais' Isabella

I have been behind with my uploads, over the last few days of work which is going to become my 3-4 minute performance at ORT cafe in Birmingham on the 18th. (The posts before these explain this).

I had thought it would be a standard 18 days, and am having within it frequently more excitement, I am changing in this time, but must remember to cheapen the experiences, to help ride them, and to make my name in the world.

Please check my tumblr, for a new announcement of a film: http://www.ahohmushe.tumblr.com this will be the first film I have edited in a long while but bit shouldn’t take long. Its mostly a music video for Mussorgsky’s Night on Bald Mountain, I am about to edit it now, it shall be seen today. Then other things from the last few days will be dated and displayed here and on http://www.ahohmushe.tumblr.com


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