Shadows on Either Side

My first film on the tablet:

This film is basically a setting of Mussorgsky’s A night on Bare Mountain. The music was playing on my phone and I decided to record what I was doing as an experiment with the tablet to see how it worked.

Quite well, it’s obviously difficult to hold, if you wanted to sdo any actual filming with it you’d need a support. The main issue was in the editing, it seems difficult to get an editor which is both free and easy to use. As such I have lost the singing I was trying out over the top of the music.


Also one cannot tell what is happening off screen, one cannot see the music narrate my trepidation at opening a letter give way to pleasure at the offer from my company contained therein, and the sense of belonging.


The faces drawing is the main part of my creativity in the video, the black line i describe originally as death, and the movements of the camera are supposed to make one think about the possibilities of choices, past and future, and the ability to take forward parts on either side which require sacrifice.

Yesterday in Liverpool

I bought a book about the art of Beryl Bainbridge, and the image one gets of it is that she worked hard on her novels and enjoyed the process of painting, did not feel the need to “stress it”. I think in some respects, putting things on the internet, for me, is like Beryl’s painting. I do not feel the need to sweat this, I feel only the need to share it, and I might add, receive attention for it. At least, hopefully this idea will keep me doing stuff.

I did one of these before and found it useful:

To do: photograph all work done over last few days



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