18 Days – The Father’s Eye

I am just working from my epic to do list of one thing (take photos to upload) and came across this old thing in a notebook which has been touched by the 18 days project.


The piece I am writing is, currently based off the relationship between Matty (the young female reporter) and Urquhart (The old chief whip, pronounced ur-kut) in the English adaptation of House of Cards by Michael Dobbs. In this Matty, transfixed by him refers to him as Daddy during their affair. I also came across a similar idea in the moving Dream of Ding Village (Yan Lianke) , in the uber-fulfilling relationship between two HIV sufferers in rural, and some might say slightly psychotic, China.

I will be uploading today where I am, so far, with writing this piece, or rather where I was yesterday. I have lost quite a few subtle ideas on bits of paper, or just to my mind, where in my excitement I obsess and do not utilise, but quite like this photo.

It has not, I do not believe, been written for this project (spending eighteen days to write a 3-4 minute performance) but is relevant:

now[how] how deep can the father’s eye look. KORE .  .

The syllables beneath the English are Japanese ko re (ko-ray), and translate as this, which is close to me, or us. Finally there are two small dots.

If “this .  . ” is the answer to how deep can the father’s eye look, what does that answer give us? Maybe the dots represent two eyes, as in the father can see only (or as staggeringly, dependent on how by you understand it) the eyes, only himself, only the first most obvious bit of his son. Perhaps the eye can only penetrate as far as the page, as the writing itself, the two dots like little vampire bytes, sucking further into the notebook than the eye (and the mind can see?)

Why just one eye? I asked my aunt, but looked away before she gave her answer.

The perceiving of limits of perception, I already knew, will be important to the piece of writing, as it stands. I will be uploading work, mostly photos, throughout the day so please keep checking back here and http://www.ahohmushe.tumblr.com


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