Something I learned today


I learned today that it is best to post when people are not at work, and thus might actually be looking on the internet for things to slop their minds on.

Working at a school with three weeks holiday tends to make you forget you’ve ever worked at all. So I’ve been waiting till this evening to put up some of my writings from the last couple of days. Therefore today I’ve been working on, some of the exploits of which can be seen above.

HTML’ers to the rescue!

Its surprisingly easy to build a website not least because there’s so much quality advice available online. I have a theory that people who know how to do html (and CSS, which is the more confusing bit which let’s you do nice stuff like the tables on, can’t quite understand why everyone doesn’t do it, and so load the internet with help.

Which means its quite easy to find answers and bits of code to copy and adapt (like those tables). In particular I often us W3 schools, which is v.good for basics. I’m currently trying to figure out how to centre the whole homepage, I’ve got an idea which may work, ha ha ha.

Good for ART’ers!

I like the freedom which comes from it, and if you’re willing to be patient, and not worry too much about polish you can do pretty cool stuff, again check out the tables they scroll independently of one another… I think.

Another time I may put up some more HTML, CSS stuff, because if there’s one thing landfills need its more rubbish, at least I hope that theory holds true to art in general.


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