The whole box and nothing but


Not just A star, this is ur-level design!

Let’s see how we’re getting on…  [My photos died here so:


Oh hey there sexy box, but I see a hole not on the design what could this be?


Oh, cheery. Well that was another sort of free-writing experiment from last night, I’ll be handing out a series of these postcards on Friday the eighteenth, at ORT in Balsall Heath, as part of the performance, this project (18 days to 3 to 4 minutes) is about.

Oh, no I won’t be handing them out, they have their own slot. Time to think…

Ah well several hours, two vegan sausages and “funky mash” later:




I started measuring from one of the corners, using the boxes corners and straight lines made it much easier. After chopping it down to size on the other sides I sewed the corners together using an embroidery needle and thread. The only glue I had was never gonna work.

Then I had to put in little supports to prop up the different pamphlets, which was really easy.

Its good how inexperienced, unskilled you can be and still create something passable just by trying.

I like seeing a physical thing at the end of working. I feel the same when I look at the pamphlets, but my satisfaction is for the packaging over the poetry. If my mind tries to move towards perceptions of that it comes across the unconscious fog asking me to place faith and trust.

I hope the trust is worth it. 

Have to decorate it still, but I’m happy.


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