[ I wrote this the day after my performance, however a cold, work, and laziness work has stopped me posting it until now.]

Yesterday marked the end of my project (www.jedenham.com/18days), in a short poetry performance at ORT, Birmingham.

Certainly there were issues with my performance which my daydreamed rehearsals did not account for. It is strange the effect that “nerves” can have on one,  not that I understand them but you kind of think the brain should make you more calm, not less, when stressed.

The poem itself was based off the final dialogue between Matty and Urquhart in House of Cards, and was performed only a few days after the girls in nigeria were abducted. During the 18 days of the project I had a conversation in which I thought out loud about a responsibility that must exist in poetry to raise awareness or at least create a bit of empathy with suffering, to slightly attempt to move people from their apathy.

The poem I wrote did not do this in particular, nor did it become the abstract, Beckettish, piece I thought it might.

And it was not, as I had intended, a synthesis of the previous 18 days worth of writing, most of which I did not share, as I ought. However, I will give a more prolonged rumination on the project as a whole within the next couple of weeks.

Also, my little box (see post https://jedenham.wordpress.com/2014/04/12/the-whole-box-and-nothing-but/) went down quite well and there were only a few of the pamphlets left when I left the event yesterday. I will be going down to Ort in a couple of days to pick up any which are still remaining, these will then be available online at this site, I would probably ask for the price of postage, if you’re interested in having one of these hand-made original works of art/poetry please contact me: contact@jedenham.com.

[Will hoping to be posting some of the stuff which i never posted form the project, and some work to do, moving forward from this first experiment in sharing and creating.]



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