Designing the Homepage

I have earlier tried to articult something of what I feel websites aught to be like.

Today I am attempting (for 20 minutes) to build a webpage I like, using a large image and an area map, trying to control the shape of it.

I have set my picture to be 100% with some margins

WP map1

next I am going to use information from this site: To create a clickable map, I am going to try and make his left eye a button. Creating a link.

Hmm, it’s quite tricky going to try see if google can provide some ready made solutions.

Well please visit my site to see how i’m getting on:

essentially there’s one large rectangle on the left. Unfortunately it seems to require some mad jiggery pokery to get the areas inside the area map to change accoridng to the screen resoultion of the device (i.e. phone, pc etc.)

Therefore I think I will have to think of some other alternatives, perhaps div boxes? Any suggestions please comment or email







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