Sorting this Stank out!

In February I started my first draft of my novel, but i stopped!

I am now being paid holidays from the school I work at, and am using my free time to try and get on top of my Japanese and the famous novel.

Famous only amongst the most super-cool members of the population – me, and 4 others – not really famous, more kind of occasionally mentioned over the past 4 years, but that’s what people aspire to right?

One of the key things that stooped me working on it properly in Februrary was the utter confusion of all the tiny little scenes I’ve written and all the fragments of scattered ideas


Doesn’t look too bad, but each of those other folders contained much the same. These documents are filled with bits from scattered notebooks etc. written over the last 3 or 4 years, and filled with meaningless sentences like:

sample 2

Which, mon dieu, aren’t very useful when trying to organise a long bit of prose. I mean I’m sure this had meaning at the time, but I really didn’t want to leave myself any clues as to what that was did i?

Still, I’ve gone through these dumb shit folders and put them roughly into chapter order

1st half all bits

This isn’t quite all of them. My idea has been that as I’m going through the first draft when i’m writing chapter 3 I will have to look at all the “bits” with the number 3 in the title (and I guess all the unknowns) and make my choices about what to do with them then.

Oh, but first, it turns out I have four different “first draft” versions to choose from.

1 draft3 draft2 draft

If anyone has any advice/ experience of something similar then please share!

Bon soir, and remember as a wise man once said:

sample 3sig


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