Sleepwalking into other people’s Death


This is half of a cartoon by Grant Snider, from incidental comics, It’s good, i like the style and the general notions are pleasant.

It just appeared on my tumblr feed with 46,000 notes, reblogs, like etc.

Pleasant Support for Creatives

It’s pleasantness is part of a general culture that exists on tumblr, appears frequently, particularly in relation to writers, artists, general creatives. This culture is supportive, likes chatting about inspiration etc. etc. wander around these nice bits of the web and you’ll see it.

Obviously its popularity, this cartoons, and the whole wider style, is a result of the people on tumblr being generaly amateur somethings, writers, thinkers, photographers, etc. and things which are motivating are good to these people, myself included.

But in some respects this whole idea is deeply negative, its all about positivity for the wealthy and safe. On Facebook, the apogee, of blind good news, there is something going on where you talk about three good things that happened to me today. Cue normal my lovely family, and so on.

Deep, Dark Ideas

People were tortured to death today, people starved, left their relatives to die in rooms feet away from them.

“Ideas that are deep, dark, and unknown are definitely worth exploring.”

Pedophilia, rape, blackmail, extortion, torture, hatred, bigotry. These are deep dark ideas, but presumably Grant Snider doesnt think they are worth exploring? Building on?

Positive Negative

One cannot be fixated on negative things, but being focused on pleasant, gentle, positivity, is Im thinking as i write this, equally foolish.

The world is not a nice place, people suffer horribly constantly, a general insular supportiveness doesnt help anyone except those who are probably already capable of helping themselves.


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