Beowulf and Unferth: H and I

Here are some words I have got from A Concise Anglo Saxon Dictionary by J.R. Clark Hall. As part of a current piece of writing, set in Anglo-Saxon times, I am finding it pretty fun to scan through this dictionary from my University days.

 Helleloc – Hell Prison

 Heoruweallende [hey-or-oo-way-al-en-de] – Gushing with destruction – love this one, heoru is “sword” and by extension violence.

 Heorudrync [hey-or-oo-drink] – Sword Drink – Blood!!

 In some respects these words have the magic of german compound words. But they are pretty cool. 

 Unferth: Beowuuuulf, who you talking to?

 Beowulf:  Oh. Ah, no-one Unferth, just making some notes for my readers.

 Unferth: who?

 Beowulf: My readers, I thought I would educate them a little on our noble, lost language.

 Unferth: Oh I sees, well then readers, though you are hiemings, (ey Beowulf?)I will himpian hisigfethera hinflede!

 Beowulf: Oh God Unferth, you don’t need to add h’s to you word ‘like a cockney’, and my readers are persons of consequence actually! And why would you implant icy feathers filled with waters? Go away Unferth my audience calls…

 Unferth: Alright, I’m off for my head-bath anyway…



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