Heading into the Cold

A week ago today I “finished” the novel I started working on a year and a half ago. 



In fact my finishing (until I get some feedback and make another round of edits) has actually dampened my mood quite a lot. I am not exactly certain why except that the question “what next” emerged from every corner – a question at least partly answered by words like “online presence”. Shudder. As such I am reviving (for good) this blog and am in the process of revamping my website (www.jedenham.com) and am now on twitter (www.twitter.com/jedenham).

I would just like to thank anyone who has ever followed or liked any part of this blog and hope it provides some distractions for you in the future.

It will be updating every Friday for the foreseeable future. For the next few weeks I will be recording what I think I have learned from writing this first novel, hope to see you there!

Oh, I also have a new travel blog with my partner: http://www.travelwithfiandjonny.wordpress.com and a vlog of the same here.

To reward you for scrolling down this far here is a fruit from the Bamboo Sea in Sichuan!



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