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Being a new DM (written by a new DM)

There is a lot of advice online for being a DM. Wahey! Most of it is pretty good, and nearly all of it is written by experienced DMs whose advice is worth a damn. I have DMed five sessions so obviously my advice is superior… In reality I was wondering if the advice of a … Continue reading Being a new DM (written by a new DM)


Rambling Return

For those shades of readers past who could possibly understand the following, I thank you for your taking the time to ever follow me. The last few posts I wrote said something along the lines of "this blog is back". I think that this has happened enough times that if it was a hacking cough … Continue reading Rambling Return

The Press of Place

Well, I went to Hong Kong. The city towered in needle thin chasms, crushed the air of choked road and pathways, then fell away to open hills and rolling waves. I wasn't inspired to write a specific story but my appreciation of the place was certainly inspired by one! I always have ready a list … Continue reading The Press of Place

Competition Horror!

My New Year's resolutions were: Be more honest, and make this the year you try in earnest to start the process of being a writer! Well, to start that off I entered two short story competitions in January: a flash fiction for and a short story for The Ghost Story gives an opportunity … Continue reading Competition Horror!

Advice on Writing Advice

Writing advice is everywhere; every question you have is answered on a hundred websites by a thousand different people. From nobodies like myself to the words of the great and the good, but I wonder what is the value of all of this advice? Well, follow me as I listlessly stroll through this topic and … Continue reading Advice on Writing Advice